Beautiful Crafts from Plastic Bags

Most people think that plastic bags are waste that is useless, but in the eyes of the plastic bag craftsmen that can be made into handicrafts that can be an alternative business opportunity. As is known Plastic is a material that is widely used in modern human life. But the waste from plastic becomes a problem for life. But the waste from plastic becomes a problem for life. Therefore, by reducing the use of materials derived from plastic or recycling plastic waste into useful items. Plastic waste can be processed into various handicrafts that have good economic potential.

For that you can recycle plastic waste into a hand-crafted creation that has very, very beautiful potential. The initial step in processing plastic waste into crafts is to separate dry waste and wet waste. Furthermore dry waste such as packs of soft drinks such as coffee, milk and instant noodles are cleaned. After that the plastic that has been washed and dried is then cut into pieces like the pattern of the craft that will be made. The pattern is made according to the form of the item to be made. After cutting according to the pattern, the next step is sewing according to the pattern. What needed is patience from tailor.

Nowadays, plastic waste has become a separate fashion product from recycled goods or can be called trashion. This Trashion means fashion from trash. By becoming a trashion later, dry waste recycled handicraft products will be enjoyed not only by the lower middle class but also the upper middle class who usually pay attention to the quality of handicraft products.


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