Plastic Bag Factory PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo in addition to producing various types of plastic bags also produces Mica or often called FOODTRAY and GELAS OZ which are often called GELAS CUP / PLASTIK CUP.

Mica / Food Tray is a rigid, city-shaped, clear / transparent type of plastic that is usually used to pack ready-to-eat food.

Plastic Bag Factory PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo produces Mica / Food Tray in the manufacturing process using selected PET raw materials so that it is very safe for health to pack ready food, unlike mica products which are still in the market that still use PVC raw materials. The use of PVC raw materials has been banned due to its toxic nature.

Currently Mica / Food Tray is widely used to package various kinds of food: Wet Cakes, Pastries, Rice, Side Dishes and various other foods. Its practical properties are disposable, affordable prices, and available in various sizes to make Mica / Food Tray currently widely used both by individuals and other food industries such as Cake Shop and Manufacturers, Catering etc.

OZ Glass / Plastic Cup: Is a glass-shaped plastic product that has various sizes. Usually used to pack / serve a variety of drinks.

PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo produces Oz Glass / Plastic Cup Tray which has high quality and is safe for health that can be used as a variety of drinks.

PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo produces MICA / FOOD TRAY and GELAS OZ / PASLTIK CUP with various variations in length, width, thickness, and receive special size production according to consumer demand.

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Safe for health

Affordable prices

Practical disposable

Guaranteed quality

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