Mulch Plastic is: a plastic sheet covering a cultivated crop that aims to protect from direct sunlight exposure, maintain moisture and soil structure, and inhibit weed growth

Mulch Plastic Function:

  1. Prevent pests & diseases
  2. As a cover for cultivated plants so as not to be exposed to direct sunlight.
  3. Maintain soil texture to remain loose and fertile because the fertilizer process can be evenly distributed.
  4. Maintain soil temperature and humidity
  5. Prevent the possibility of fertilizers washed by rainwater
  6. Preventing the evaporation of nutrients by sunlight.

PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo, a plastic bag factory, produces good quality Mulch according to needs and demand. With high-quality ingredients and processed with tech machines so as to produce ductile mulch, resistant to sunlight, durable and long lasting.

PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo produces mulch with a variety of length, width and thickness according to needs.

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