Plastic High Density (HD) is a type of plastic bag that is widely used by people in carrying everyday goods. In the community, High Density (HD) plastic bags are commonly called Kresek Bags / Shopping Bags / T shirts. High Density (HD) plastic bags produced in transparent / clear colors can also vary in color or pattern.

Function of High Density (HD) Plastic Bags:

  1. Place to bring vegetables, fruit and other necessities after shopping.
  2. Place to bring groceries from the Shop, Supermarket
  3. Can be used as information and promotion media from the Shop / Minimarket / Supermarket.

Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo plastic bag factory High Density plastic bags (HD with good quality according to your needs and demands. With high quality materials and processed with high-tech machinery.

Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo produces High Density Plastic Bags (HD with various sizes of length, width and thickness and accepts custom size production according to consumer demand.

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