PP Box is a product for food that is made of Polypropelene Plastic. PP BOX is a product as a substitute for food places made of Styrofoam. Food places made of Styrofoam contain Styrene substances which if contaminated can cause health problems.

PP Box is far more hygienic, because it is made from Pure PP material, so it is safe for health, micoawaveable quality, namely: safe to use for food containers that have a hot temperature.

PP Box is safe to use for all types of food both dry and wet foods such as: fried rice, vegetable rice, meatball, fried noodles, snacks and others.

Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo plastic bag factory produces PP BOX with guaranteed quality according to needs and demand. With high-quality ingredients and processed with high-tech machines.

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Strong material

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Safe to use

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