PE (POLYETHYLENE PLASTIC) is a thermoplastic that is widely used by consumers as plastic bags, ice bags. It has flexible properties (can stretch), the surface is slippery and has a melting point at a temperature of 115°C.

Functions of Polyethylene Plastic Bags (PE)

  1. Wrapping liquids such as syrup, oil, coconut milk and frozen liquid
  2. As a package of heavy and heavy goods.
  3. Often also used as a waste wrap and other dirt.

PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo plastic bag factory produces Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Bags with guaranteed quality according to needs and demand. With high-quality ingredients and processed with high-tech machines.

PT. Cahaya Kharisma Plasindo produces Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Bags with various variations in length, width and thickness and accepts custom size production according to consumer demand.

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Melting point at 115°C

Guaranteed quality

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